My Services

My Services

  • My massage is very relaxing and very sensual. 
  • Before starting the massage, I recommend a nice warm shower to my visitor.
    The warm water will help to open the pores of the skin, so that the body will be able to absorb the therapeutic massage oil.   Besides a nice warm shower usually helps to lift the spirit.
  • After the bath, my client may lie on my massage table in order to receive the massage service.
    My service is done with relaxing music and lasts an hour to an hour and half -  always depending on client’s needs.
    I am offering my services in my massage studio located in the area of St. Henri.
  • S. Henri is a very nostalgic area of Montreal, not far from downtown. 
  • Is very easy to come to my place by car and is also very easy to find parking all year round. 
  • And is not difficult to come to me by METRO-BUS. 
  • In fact my place is only 10 minutes walking distance from the METRO St. Henri. 

Massage and Sexuality

  • Since the beginning of time, the art of massage was related to sexuality.
  • In several Oriental Philosophies, the eroticism is seen as “cosmic and divine experience”. 
  • Under the influence of these Philosophies several Massage schools have been created. 
  • I believe that every Masseur has to have knowledge over the subject. 
  • My massage style does embody sensuality and eroticism – with the spiritual meaning of the words.
  • And I try to become better and better all the time. 
  • And I am open to talk with the client  - if interested over the subject. 

Massage and Spirituality


  • For me, the art of massage is a deeper communication between two human beings.
  • The massage is a communication that starts with the body and finally touches the spirit and the soul.
  • When offering the massage service I always try to “arrive to the soul by touching the body” and transmit thoughts and feelings of Love and Goodness to the person I massage.
  • This supposes to be the "Ideal Male Masseur". 
  • And I try to arrive to the ideal as much as I can do. 
  • And I have had very good responses up to now.
  • I am looking forward to see you on my massage table.