Personal History


I born in Canada from emigrant parents – Greek father and Italian mother. 

After my birth the family moved back to Greece. 

I grew up in a small provincial city in Northern Greece.   

I start offering massage in a very young age. 

I remember that my grandfather use to take me every week in the old Turkish baths.  At that time in the small town the Turkish bath  was a “social event”. 

I was just  a kid at the time. My duty was to massage the older men. 

This memory is like a dream now.  

But I think that this childhood experience was very important for me.

Because since that time is been engraved in my childish mind, that my duty was to “serve the human body”. 

Later I did study massage professionally. 

First in Thessaloniki – Greece and after in Rome - Italy.  

I did offer the service in Greece in Italy and in Canada. 

I believe that “serving the human body” is my destiny. 

I accept my destiny. 

I love to serve the human body.  

I love to offer massage. 

And I believe that this is the reason I can make my clients happy. 

Thanks for reading my life story.