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Thank you for  looking in my website.

If you are really looking for an Amazing Massage - Then Come to Me!!!
Best Male Massage in Montreal.
Many happy clients.
And all of my clients usually return.
I have many married clients - and most of them return too.
Absolute discretion here.
And I do take very good care of the Hygiene all the time. 

You may shower in my place.
And after you may lie on fresh and clean linen,  on my massage table.
You will be naked like a baby !!!
But the room will be on 27 degrees Celsius / 80.6  degrees  Fahrenheit.  And you will feel Very Hot!!!
And after I will dim the light.
And I will put relaxing soft music.
And I will massage you with the Best Massage oil.
And my "magical touch" will send you to the world of dreams!

My service - Full Body Relaxation Swedish Massage -  lasts an hour to an hour and half, always depending of client's personal needs.


Most of the times my clients are telling me that they experience the feeling of Ultimate Relaxation, together with feelings of eroticism and sensuality when my Massage service is completed.
I am very proud for that.
The Art of Massage since the beginning of time, was related to eroticism, to sensuality and to spirituality. 

Therefore, the feelings of my clients are simply the confirmation, that my Massage is successful.


My Massage is Relaxing and is also Sensual / Spiritually Erotic, exactly because is Professional. 

And all I ask is just $ 70. 

Very little - almost nothing - for a real trip to dreamworld, that is beneficial for your body and mind!!!



You should be  18 years  or older for these services 


Plus - if you want and only if -  I can offer a service that is Healthy and is also Very Pleasurable to many clients: 

 Prostate Massage!!!

Unfortunately in our society, Prostate Massage is a “Taboo” – maybe one of the biggest "Taboos".
But anyway, Medical science today is advanced and can see the clear Medical Benefits of Prostate Massage.      


Benefits of prostate massage

·       Prevents the buildup of prostatic fluid in the prostate.

·       Improves the effectiveness of antibiotics against prostatitis.

·       Supports healthy prostate functioning.

·       Heightens sexual experience.

·       Reduces the pain and discomfort of an inflamed prostate.

·       May Prevent Prostate Cancer.

·       Prostate massage is said to reduce pain, improve erection, and ease urination.


You may verify all the above by doing a personal research on the web.
And you may even ask your personal Physician. 

It is true that when I started offering the service, I added the "Prostate Massage" only as a promotional tool.
But on the way, I did witness by myself many benefits - not only Medical but also Psychological.
And I am talking for very serious Psychological benefits.
I think that the best way to express it would be:
“Helping people into their journey of self-discovery”.

 In any case, the Prostate Massage in my place is given in a very “professional way”.
When offering this service, I protect always my client’s health as much as possible.
If the client wishes to use my well-trained hands for this service, then I wear protective medical gloves.
But also, I have an entire Collection of instruments especially made for Prostate Massage.
My “instruments” are made from different materials and they do have many different shapes and sizes.
Some are electric and other manual. 

Each one offers a very different feeling. 

Many people are calling these "instruments" simply "sex-toys". 

In this case, I could say that these "sex - toys" are especially formulated for the Prostate Massage. 

I could give en example here - the "REVO  2' Prostate Massager". 

I am very proud to have it in my collection.

(REVO 2' is also Very Expensive). 

Many of my clients had given me the best comments for the "REVO 2".

 If the client wishes to try, then, I cover the “instruments / sex toys” in protective plastic and I use many creams and special lubricants.
Just a Clean Massage Service that may be beneficial for body and soul.

I am only asking an extra $ 30 for this Very Personal Service.
This is just to cover the expenses for the materials I use.

So, if someone takes the Massage and the prostate Massage the total will only be  $ 100. 

And every returning client  pays only $ 90 for  the full service. 

My prices are very reasonable. 

And for Students  I always can offer a discount. 


Home / Hotel Service.

 I CAN COME TO YOU FOR   $ 130. 

Because traveling somewhere for me is like 3 hours - the time to come to your place, the time to give the service and the time to come back. 

I think $ 130 is not much for  House / Hotel calls.



I am open to hear for any personal problems and fantasies you might have.
And I am willing to help you as much as I can. 

My massage is very good - I offer Professional Swedish Relaxation Full Body Massage.
Many people come to meet me just for my Massage.

Because my Massage is Really Professional!!!
And some people come and ask me help with some personal problems.
Everybody is welcome.
I consider all the above-mentioned just different aspects of my job.
Massage is my job.
And massage is a therapeutic technique.
But also massage means Human Touch in the deeper meaning of the word. 

The "Ideal Masseur" is touching the body and  via the body, tries to arrive to the soul.  ​
I try to arrive to the ideal as much as I can do.  
I consider my job - the Massage - to be my mission. 


Always here for you

 Masseur Luc 


Many people do have a bad idea about the “Instruments for prostate massage".
I believe that these instruments  are important because our erotic life is important.
And I am very proud of my collection.

"Sex toys" existed since the beginning of time.
Many ancient Greek and Roman writers mention about “sex toys” and from the info that we have seems that the makers of these toys they were enjoying social respect at the time.
But these societies did not have any Taboo about eroticism.

Actually, in most ancient religions the eroticism was related to sacred spirituality.
Anyway, in old times the materials to make these toys were generally leather, wood, ceramic and in some cases metal.

I found two related articles and a YOUTUBE Video on the web that may support the above mentioned for whoever interested:

In our times the technology makes miracles.
Our “sex toys” are made mostly of plastic and other refined  materials. And some times when you touch them, you feel to touch real human skin.
Also in some cases there are electronic “sex toys” that are really amassing. 

I am very proud of my "Collection". 

I own some very sophisticated - and Very Expensive -  pieces. 

It is true, that I started this “toy - collection”,  because of personal interest.
But as I have seen the interest of my clients, I kept buying more and more.
Now I own many very sophisticated / last technology items.
Today, I could proudly say, that my “Collection” is one of the most precious “erotic toy collections”.
And I did witness the effect they have on people – I mean the feelings they may offer, if well used.
I think that the entire subject is very interesting.
Interesting as a study over the human nature.